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Spoiled Rotten Hair Salon By Donna


Tanning is for the individual who wants some color and doesn’t have time in our busy work force. It will also help with depression in our long winters or if you have psoriasis tanning will help you with this as well as with bursitis. It can also aide with the aches and pains in your joints. I had an older gentleman who was in his 80s and used my facility for this and it helped him. He said he was the darkest fella on his block! Tanning also helps with cramps or if you want to go on vacation and need a little color.

I have owned and operated tanning beds for over 20 years so I know the ins and outs of these units. I first started tanning when I opened up my very first salon, I tanned and I worked all the time so it made me feel good just for that 20 minutes and it helped me get through those tough days in the winter. If you’re not wanting to tan, I also have a mystic spray tan unit that is similar to tanning without the UV rays. The solution I use is made from red beat pulp and is a very natural product which stains your skin and lasts about a week. It works better if you exfoliate before coming in, then moisturize afterwards. Just get in to a booth, give yourself around 10 minutes for undressing and dressing and the unit does everything for you and when you come out you just wipe of the excess oil on you and go about your day.

No matter what your preference is, I have what you are looking for. We also sell tanning lotion and goggles. We only have one tanning bed which we book every 30 minutes and one spray tanning unit we book every half hour.