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Spoiled Rotten Hair Salon By Donna

Roseburg Nail Services


Come in to Spoiled Rotten Hair Salon By Donna and let us treat you. Whether you want the full luxurious spa experience or a quick manicure on the go, we’re here to serve the people of Roseburg. Don’t stress yourself out trying to apply nail polish with your non-dominant hand when you can just unwind while we give you perfect nails.

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Many people in Roseburg spend all day on their feet. If you’re one of those people, you know how damaged they can get over time, and how difficult it can be to try to care for them yourself. Come in to Spoiled Rotten Hair Salon By Donna and let us pamper you. You won’t believe how wonderful your feet can feel after some time in our hands.

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Gel & Acrylic

Are your nails short or damaged, but you don’t want to sacrifice the glamorous look of long, salon-style nails? Or are you just feeling adventurous and want to try a more exciting look? Nothing boosts your confidence like beautiful nails, and we have a lot of options for you to achieve that flashy or elegant style you desire, even if your own nails are not up to snuff.

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Shellac has only been on the market for a couple of years, but it has already become one of the most popular products we stock (many of the most fashionable women in Roseburg have already started using it), and it’s easy to understand why. It looks great, it doesn’t need to dry, and it LASTS.

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Nail Art

From basic designs to rhinestones and acrylics, from press-ons and prints to stunning hand-painted designs, we know how to make your nails dazzle. Our technicians are obsessed with fashion, and they are eager to provide our Roseburg clientele with the sexiest, most chic, and most fashion-forward nail art.

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